Trump Taps Skeletal, Self-Proclaimed “Overlord of Evil” for Security Post

In another surprising cabinet appointment, Donald Trump announces plans to turn over security for the mystical secrets of Castle Grayskull to regional overlord Skeletor. Despite criticism for this choice and others, Trump defended the planned appointment in a recent press conference.

“Mr. Skeletor has had an interest in Grayskull security for a long time. He already has a hand-picked staff and plenty of experience running his own fortress at Snake Mountain, so I think he’s gonna do a good job.”

Though not everyone agrees. Prince Adam has been quoted as saying, “Look, He-Man has been performing this post for years and is a much better choice to continue. Skeletor is clearly just going to abuse the secrets of Castle Grayskull as soon as he’s allowed access. Has no one else been watching his activities for the last few decades?”

Congressional Republicans insist that critics are being unfair just because Skeletor literally has a sinister grinning skull for a head and has attempted to invade or destroy Grayskull numerous times. They continue their message that the people must give these cabinet appointments a chance before passing judgement.

This controversial appointment comes just a few days after the announcement that Cobra Commander would be the new head of the GI Joe project due to his “long history of military leadership and displays of tactical knowledge.”

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