Trump Taps Skeletal, Self-Proclaimed “Overlord of Evil” for Security Post

In another surprising cabinet appointment, Donald Trump announces plans to turn over security for the mystical secrets of Castle Grayskull to regional overlord Skeletor. Despite criticism for this choice and others, Trump defended the planned appointment in a recent press conference. “Mr. Skeletor has had an interest in Grayskull security for a long time. He […]

The Horror of Politics

So this entry is just a brief update. I haven’t used this blog a whole lot lately due to factors of my partners and me purchasing a house, finding that it was unexpectedly some-assembly-required, trying to move out/in, and a host of other factors. Hell, I’m not sure if anyone is even seeing this blog […]

An Improbable Truth Available for Pre-Order

Excited to share the pre-order link for An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This anthology from Mocha Memoirs Press features 14 stories from modern authors that test the famously skeptical detective against genuinely otherworldly cases. I’m happy to have a reprint of my lycanthropic tale “The Adventure of the Missing Trophy” included […]

The Blog Begins

I’m finally doing what I should have done years ago and actually starting an official blog. Better late than never as they say. My goal with this blog is to put more updates out there. I also intend to start actually using my Twitter more and getting truly involved with the horror and writing community […]